The Residency Program  CEREFREA Villa Noël 2016, The Undisciplined Eye

A fictional alter ego appropriating a persona of a futurist, a traveller, an archaeologist – displaced both in time and space. She is faced with disparate fragments of cultural remains which she glues together creating links and relations where none were meant to be. The excavated remains consist of covers of science fiction journals, Neolithic figurines, natural history museum diorama’s, decaying townscapes and imagined digital sound files which create a fragmented narrative. The fragments in use are sites of memory, landscapes, part of the archaeological record, field recordings, appropriated 3D animations produced for museums of archaeology or for video games.

Using drawing, text, video and sound this is an on going investigation into the nature of memory, history, hauntings – a minor excavation where real and imaginary objects of material culture produce confusion, hallucinations and reveries and public memory as an authorized discourse is filtered through a focus on minor histories, minor narratives, minor fragments.