She who scrutinises. Scrutinises all.

She scrutinises inequalities, she scrutinises equalities, she scrutinises tolerances, she scrutinises intolerances, she scrutinises small situations of cosmopolitanism as understood by Isabelle Stengers, a citizenship of human and more than human. 

She encounters narratives of ecologies, persons and technologies.

She tries to use empathic powers to become a narrative of ecologies, persons and technologies.

All she scrutinises she attempts to articulate in text and image. In printed matter and on the internet, in the care and on the bulletin board.

She scrutinises

She recognises

She classifies

She predicates

She judges

She represents

She scrutinises

Who are those under scrutiny, are they poor in world?






Zvukospjevi‘s new project Krajobrazi-Landscapes is a research project concerned with the presence, representation and experience of that which is around us.
The main geographic location of this research is the region of the european north between La Manche and the North Sea.
The working methods are walking and observing, walking on the sea floor, attending to the tides, the moons, the architecture and the local gossip.