I am on the page but to the side, she thought.

I am part of the refugia.

And I can cope with a period of unfavourable conditions.



The active agent in the dream fish cause hallucinations in humans, and the origin of these agents, are not clear. Some authors think they come from toxins in a macroalgae that accumulate in the flesh of the dream fish. Toxins from the green algae Caulerpa prolifera in the Mediterranean Sea appear to be implicated, and  the seagrass Posidonia oceanica. When herbivores eat seagrass they ingest algal and toxic dinoflagellates that live on the seagrass leaves . (Wikipedia) Oh yes, I remember now, that dreamfish contains the hallucinogen DMT.

DreamFish, NickySpeaks, Vida Gee and Eklips, featuring Billie Grace,  17. Festival Vizura Aperta- Connections, moonlit performance on the tourist boat Kristina with audience in tow in small boats in the bay of  Žuljana, on Pelješcu,  28. srpanj 2017.