colour, PAL, mini DV, 09:52, 2003.

Animated video manual is based on a cookbook written by Mira Vucetic around 1950’s – it is the one on which all Croatian mothers and grandmothers base their cooking. Video consists of four parts, one for each recipe. I tried to find out how relevant for a woman today is the fact that she knows how to cook. Are the things and knowledge that were considered as normal 50 years ago (like preparing the meal, baking the biscuit, obtaining the guests etc.) still important and appreciated. What is the difference between the knowledge of a good housewife now and then. Techniques of preparing and serving food as well as ways of obtaining the guests around 1950’s are showing manners and behaving code’s used at that time and also the models that should be followed.

FILM BY: Ana Hušman | CINEMATOGRAPHER, EDITOR, SOUND RECORDING, ANIMATION: Ana Hušman | SOUND: Tomislav Domes | VOICE: aunt Zdenka | DESIGN: Srđana Modrinić | TRANSLATION: Nicolle Hewitt |

This video is available under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.