Second cinema in the neighbourhood is an experimental documentary essay created through collaboration with elementary school children, Roma and non-Roma. The script for the film is structured essayistically, non-linearly and enables their author’s participation. The script is gradually being built through media workshops, acquiring basic technical skills in working with audio and video equipment and learning the film language. The aim of the workshop is to open a moderated dialogue on the social positions, margins, similarities and differences of their daily lives, foster a normalizing interaction between Roma and non-Roma children and attempt to overcome the difference through the collective creative process. We document the workshop process with film assets and treat it as part of the film, as well as the film product of the workshop itself. This approach allows us to enter into docu-fiction, play with fictional references, and the ability to build scenarios within the script, set the set within the set and freely express our protagonists by working on movie script or performance (acting, dance, recitative). The narrative of the film is interwoven on several parallel levels: documentary (everyday), self-reflective (workshop process documentation) and fiction (material generated by children’s workshops).