For the last two years we have been visiting regions of the North Sea, with the Atlantic Wall as an organizing principle. We have been to Normandy, Brittany, Belgium and the island Texel in the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, and the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The materials we collect are undefined, heterogeneous and demanding – from field recordings to travel journal entries, poetry, photography and video shots of the surroundings – the natural, the cosmic and the historical. At the same time we pay close attention to the tides, the horizon and the seascapes.

In Sightings/Siteings we are thinking about that which surrounds us as a form of agency, with a memory, both as a witness to ‘human’ activity, but also as a subject beyond but entangled with human history. What we are trying to do we actually do not know how to do. We are interested in points of view, our looking, viewing, observing, recording, presenting, representing, our technology recording, capturing, reproducing, projecting, We ask ourselves what the position of the object we are presenting is? Is there a way to see/perceive/cognate the way a blade of grass might, or a rock, or a  dune, what is the relationship to time from the point of view of a cliff? How fast does light travel if you are a bee?


Birca, Bornholm, Denmark 13.09.2020.

Zagreb Dance Centre, ZPC, Zagreb, Croatia 08.10.2020.