Nicole Hewitt

in between


in between 1

IN BETWEEN, 16mm- 20 min BETA

produced by Zagreb Film 2002

a film by Nicole Hewitt


Every summer the City of Zagreb organises the collection of large household refuse starting in the periphery of Zagreb and moving towards the city centre.

The collection points change every two or three days so that at various points around the city the streets  become overrun with piles of rubbish.

These discarded objects are objects in transition. They are in between – they have not yet acquired the condition of ‘rubbish’ where all traces of their previous identities are extinguished, but they are recognisably out of place, a threat to good order as unwanted bits of whatever they came from.

The film focuses on these objects in transition and the reactions and interactions with the citizens of Zagreb. The film is a combination of live action and stop frame animation and is neither documentary, animated nor