Vremeplovke Galerija Kazamat Osijek 10/11-2022






My recent work deals with ideas of collective and intimate memory, the articulation of history, the inscription of history into the subject and object as witness, and the holes in those narrative – black holes of the historical record manifested through the figure of the Invisible woman (This woman is called Jasna) or through looking at prehistory of southeastern Europe, territories that are now called Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Croatia. As most of my recent projects deal with the recent of distant past, deflecting the dominant narrative by immersing itself into the unknown histories, or those histories that are inaccessible or have been foreclosed through interpretation, institution and authority. This project continues to organise its thoughts, materials and media through the figure of a woman as subject of history. In this case the figure is a Timetraveleuse.


Time traveleuse fanzin pdf.



She who scrutinizes, booklet, pdf