This Woman is called Jasna

This woman is called Jasna was long-term episodic series of performance/films/texts which takes the form of a montage of fiction, historical fact, using the ICTY archives and court transcripts, job applications and descriptions, as well as an accumulation of detail from interpreters, cleaners, ballistic experts, silviculturalists, forensic anthropologists, technicians, and characters from Jasna’s prewar youth. Using Jasna’s own memories, my memories, the discourses that framed us as subjects, the migrations that marked us as displaced and never in synch with our own histories, this project takes as its starting point a documentary approach, but implies a narrativisation and fictionalisation of discontinuous histories. (2013-2018) The project was completed with the publication of a book published in 2021. The book is edited by Ivana Meštrov, the Croatian edition is designed by Damir Gamulin, the English edition is designed by Tabea Nixdorff.

available from

Sans Seriffe , Amsterdam, and KIOSK, Rotterdam

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