*film is in a final post production phase: color correction, noise reduction, and audio mixing


Detours is an experimental documentary shot in Lebanon from 2019 to 2021 dealing with issues of dislocation, points of view and memory. Through the position of ‘peripheral vision’, which I practice as an observer, Detours builds a narrative of sensory impressions, orientations, alienated images, images that remain outside of the frame. The work is not a documentation or analysis of current policies and turbulent events but an experience of disorientations within them. The film was shot using Super 8, still analog cameras, digital cameras and various lenses.


On the 17th of October 2019, two weeks after my arrival in Beirut for an artist fellowship, mass protests erupted. I felt free to film in a place where usually recording in public space can be seen as problematic. Throughout this period the streets of Beirut were full, day and night, of people discussing, cooking, writing, singing, rioting and cleaning. Different ideologies rubbed up against each other. I left Lebanon during the pandemic at the end of July 2020 when the airport reopened, and returned again in late winter 2021 after the explosion in the Beirut harbor and the ensuing and lasting economic crisis. Speechless, I decided my cinematic approach would be purely observational, as the narrative of this country is in constant shift, navigating one crisis after another, where the people are locked between concrete, sea, warzones and borders that many can not cross.